Monday, February 14, 2011

fruit fast

This past weekend I did a three day fruit fast.  I must admit it was a very long weekend!  Why, you ask, would anyone ever want to just eat fruit for three days? 

I have been participating in a 40 day program at my yoga studio.  My studio is a  Baptiste power vinyasa studio which means that twice a year they conduct his "40 Days to a Personal Revolution" program.  It is a 40 day (can I say 40 days again?!) program in which you commit to practice yoga 6 days a week, meditate twice a day, do readings and answer excavating questions from his book, and meet with the group once a week.  There is also a food component where you keep a food diary, become aware of your food and your cravings, begin to eat a whole foods diet, and ultimately have the 3 day fruit fast.  This is my second time to do the program and third time to do the fruit fast.

Baron Baptiste states in his book that a fruit fast is a way for the body to completely empty out and clean itself.  It allows the metabolic organs to rest and recover.  He says he used to do a no-food fast but feels that a fruit fast is a better way, rather than eating nothing.  I was quite apprehensive the first time I did it, but it really isn't that bad.   You can eat all fruits, including tomatoes and avocado, and that avocado is a savior! I also decided that lettuce would be allowed even though it is not a fruit!    The fruit fast is much easier if you already have stopped caffeine and sugar. People in the group who are coming off of coffee have the hardest time. I have been eating very clean already so I had no trouble with that part.  I just felt hungry and wanted to eat something with some texture and something that wasn't sweet.  To eat something other than a pear or an orange,  I would make a little wrap by taking lettuce, putting a couple of slices of avocado in it and sprinkle on a few dried cranberries.  Or I would make a salad with lettuce, avocado cubes, craisins, and some lemon juice.  That really feels like a meal, although I did miss the olive oil dressing.
Yesterday afternoon I almost gave in.  I was craving some scrambled eggs! It was 3 pm, I was hungry, feeling very tired and irritable. I did a quick tally of my calories for the day and found the problem!  560 calories, and I had run-walked three miles that morning. Just not enough! I don't usually count calories because it is easy to get fixated on a number and for me, it gets to be unhealthy.  I ate my lettuce wraps and a banana and felt better, mostly just determined not to give up at the very end of the third day. 

I must say today I loved my granola, and had an egg salad sandwich for lunch that was delicious.  Food tastes so good when you haven't been eating very much.  I also feel really light and clean on the inside, if that makes sense.

Have any of you done a fast?  I know lots of people do the Master Cleanse, with the lemon juice-maple syrup-cayenne pepper drink.... Anyone prefer that or some other cleanse?  I would love to hear what other people have done!

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  1. Hey there, I just saw your comment on Eating Bird Food that you are graduating IIN in April - so am I. I just wanted to pop in and say hello!!