Friday, February 18, 2011

Warm and toasty

My guest bedroom faces south and fills with sunlight in the morning and afternoon.  I have noticed that my kitties camp out there for the day, sprawling in the patches of sunlight on the floor.  They get all warm and cozy and snooze for hours!  It's like the ultimate comfort. Oh to be a cat!

There are times when we all need some comfort - to have our own spot in the sun to cuddle into. I find that I love my big bathtub.  Nothing like sinking down into hot water filled with fragrant bubbles, sometimes with a good book, sometimes just with my thoughts.  Other times a nap on my bed with the lovely coverlet I bought in Paris and stuffed into my suitcase along with my copper pot!  

Oftentimes people find comfort in food.  Although food can definitely take us back to the love we had in childhood, using food as a primary means of comfort or to cope with struggles in life often leads to issues with weight.  Food as comfort or food as reward absolutely contribute to the weight problems we find so rampant today.   Learning how to comfort ourselves without macaroni and cheese or a pint of Ben and Jerry's is a healthy skill we all can use.  Identifying when we are using food for something other than hunger is definitely hard and takes significant self-awareness.  Knowing that tendency and being able to direct yourself to the bathtub, or the garden, or whatever your comfort spot is can be one of the first steps in getting to a happy weight.

How do you find comfort or solace?  What is your spot in the sun?

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